Why Enter?

Join the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards to showcase your impact, gain tangible recognition, forge key connections, and amplify your brand’s visibility in a thriving business community. 

Demonstrated Impact 

Businesses in the Fraser Coast region significantly contribute to the local economy’s robustness. Entering the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards provides a platform to showcase the tangible impact your business has on the region’s economic growth and sustainability. 

Tangible Recognition 

Participation in the Awards offers an acknowledgment of your business’s achievements and contributions. This recognition comes not only from industry peers but also from the wider community, offering credibility and validation to your success story. 

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities 

Engaging in the Awards opens doors to valuable networking opportunities with fellow finalists, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. These connections can lead to strategic partnerships, innovative collaborations, and new avenues for growth and expansion. 

Enhanced Visibility 

The Awards act as a powerful marketing tool, amplifying your visibility through media coverage, promotional events, and digital platforms. This increased exposure attracts attention from potential customers, investors, and stakeholders interested in aligning with successful and reputable businesses like yours. 

Commemorating Achievements 

Participation in the Awards is a chance to reflect on your business’s journey, celebrate milestones, and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your team. Finalists and winners receive commemorative certificates and trophies, tangible symbols of excellence and perseverance in the Fraser Coast business landscape. 

Contributing to Community Success 

By entering the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards, you become an integral part of a community-driven initiative focused on celebrating and promoting business excellence. Your participation not only benefits your own brand but also contributes to fostering a thriving and interconnected business ecosystem in the region. 

A message from past winners

As newcomers to the Tourism Industry we thought it would be a great opportunity to participate in the Awards process to help us learn and grow our business.  The process of applying was actually a great tool for us because it gave us great a chance to see how much our business had grown over our first 12 months.  And the information was actually quite surprising – we had achieved so much more than we thought.  That in itself was enough to let us know we were doing ok.  When we got the call to say we were finalists in our category, we couldn’t believe it.

When our business was announced as the winner for our section we were speechless.  We were already over the moon to be acknowledged as a great business in the Fraser Coast area but we certainly weren’t expecting to take home the prize.  It gave us faith to know that if you dream big enough and work hard enough anything is possible.  And it has opened so many doors to allow us to partner with other tourism operators locally, nationally and internationally.  Not bad for a chippy and an ambo with no previous business skills.

Rob & Deb

Sanctuary Lakes Hervey Bay

Being a part of the 2019 Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards was a great thing for our business in many ways. Winning the award for the region’s Best Retailer was of course a huge honour for us but also for our employees. It was a great way for us to recognize their efforts and celebrate our team’s success with the greater community.

The submission process itself was also a valuable way to reflect on the bigger picture of what our business stands for and what we hope to achieve in the long term. It was a chance to stop and consider the things we have accomplished, check in on our goals and think of ways we can continue to improve and grow. Things that are easy to forget about when you are caught up in the day-to-day, yet are so very important for a business that wants to keep getting better. I would certainly recommend the process to other local businesses.


World Treasure Design

The wife and self were honoured to be awarded the prestigious  John – Craig Gardiner Memorial Award  at the 2018 Fraser Coast Business & Tourism Awards in Hervey Bay.  This was in addition to the Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum receiving the  Tourism Land – Based  award.  It is noticeable that since receiving these awards and the accolades that follow, there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors, including school student groups, to our museum.  We sincerely encourage other businesses to enter this annual event.

John and Else Meyers

Maryborough Military Museum

Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay was encouraged to enter the Retailing sector in the 2018 Fraser Coast Business and Tourism awards. As a result we won the award for Best Retailer 2018. We found the experience very humbling and rewarding and felt honoured to have been selected as Best Retailer as it made all the time and effort invested into our business all the more worthwhile. It also proves that a small independent family owned and operated business can achieve great outcomes even when faced with stiff competition from the large “box stores”.

The recognition and support from locals after the event has been excellent with many happy to see a local independent have a go and come out on top.

I would recommend other local businesses take the plunge and enter an appropriate category in the event as the experience is a worthwhile investment for your own self esteem as well as your business.

Bane Radosevic

Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay.

The Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards is an incredible event hosted to recognise the achievements of local businesses; Alowishus was delighted to be selected as a finalist for 2019. It is with much gratitude that Alowishus won the award for Customer ServiceRestaurant or Café and The President’s Chamber Award.

This is a fantastic opportunity to show recognition to staff not only from us, as a business, but to showcase their hard work and achievements to the community. With so many like-minded businesses focusing on building up the Fraser Coast, I strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is thinking of applying.

Amy Baldwin

Alowishus Delicious

These awards recognised the best in business so winning or just being a finalist is something our employees can value. At the end of the day, everything the business achieves is because of our employees’ commitment. We would certainly encourage other businesses to enter, recognising and celebrating one another’s success.

Katie Fowden

Hyne Timber Pty Ltd